How to make garam masala

To make a nice big pan of curry that's not too spicy for the children but is tasty enough for the adults to enjoy is the dream!  I find that a good garam masala is the perfect solution.  Here's the recipe I've been using for years and we all love it.  

Garam masala isn't hot like chilli so children really enjoy it.  I just add a teaspoon of the garam masala to any curry that I make along with a mild curry powder, this gives it a real depth of flavour that the curry powder alone just can't deliver.

I also like to add the garam masala to stews, soups, dals and whatever else I fancy.  It's so simple to make and tastes so much better than any shop bought concoction.  I buy the majority of my organic spices online in bulk because it just works out so much cheaper and they last for years anyway.  Click on any of the ingredients below to buy online.



Simply grind all ingredients to a fine powder.  I use an electric coffee bean grinder and before that I used to use a large pestle and mortar which was sweat-inducing hard work but can be done.

I've made a short little video showing you how I put all this together

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