Homeware Haul

We're having quite a lot of work done on the house at the moment which will mean the bedrooms will need redecorating so I thought it would be a good time to get some new bits and pieces for the children's rooms.  I'm mainly starting off with the boys' room just because it looks like the work in their room will be finished first.

I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the walls in the boys' room plain white or if I'll instead go for a really pale blue, but either way the main pops of colour will be from the bedding and the light shade.  All the items I bought were from George at Asda, cheap and cheerful!

I'm going with a nautical theme for the boys' room.  Odin and Henry have bunk beds and I bought them both matching sheets and duvet cover sets.  One of my favourite items from this haul is the sheets with anchors on.  I also bought them a matching light shade.

Scarlett is now two years old and yet up until now she's never had a full sized duvet so I bought her a new duvet and pillow and a bright cheerful duvet cover set which has a very pale yellow background and lots of colourful owls and flowers all over it.  She loves it!

I just bought one more thing for the girls' room and that was a star light shade, it is huge and looks amazing, such brilliant value as it was only Β£6!

I'll be sharing more as the children's rooms are decorated and I'll show you how I fit them all in to our small house.

Here's a video of this homeware haul if you fancy a look.