27 weeks pregnancy update | Too old? | Too many babies?

I recently had to see a consultant because the midwife said that would be necessary due to the number of babies I've had (seven so far) put me in their high risk category.  Apparently the stats suggest if you've had more than four babies then you are at a higher risk of haemorrhaging during labour.  I didn't feel that I needed to have consultant-led care as I'd only had really minimal bleeding with all my previous labours so I phoned up to cancel the appointment.  I was told by the receptionist that I couldn't cancel the appointment because it was for the wellbeing of my baby and me, all I could do was rearrange the appointment for another time.

So the appointment day came along and I reluctantly went along.  As I sat down the consultant, rather patronisingly, asked me if I knew why I was there and I said it was because I'd had so many babies and that according to the statistics I would likely bleed heavily.  She said that was correct but also

How old are you?

  I replied with my age and she said 


She then went on to explain to me, like I was a brain dead moron, that it wouldn't just be my knees that would feel tired at this age but also my womb too.  I couldn't believe the way I was being spoken to but being the non-confrontational type of person that I am I just smiled sweetly and nodded my head all the while thinking to myself 

How did this moron ever get to be a doctor let alone a consultant?

The consultant also went on to 'explain' to me that they would start to try and induce me at 38 weeks because I'm so old and my womb is so tired. I could not believe what I was hearing, each of my last six babies have been born almost two weeks late and not one of them had any problems and here this consultant was telling me she wanted to have this baby out of me a month earlier.

To me it seems completely preposterous that the medical establishment will not treat me as an individual, I'm just thrown in the mix of a bunch of stats.  Who knows how old these stats even are.  The statistics don't separate out the mothers that are fit and healthy to the ones that have underlying health issues, or those that are smokers, drinkers, obese, drug addicts etc.  Why should I be treated like someone that has all these other problems too?  Are these doctors just trying to create work for themselves where they are not needed?

Pregnancy is not an illness yet it seems to be treated like one more and more.  I would, of course, welcome any medical help should I need it but really do not appreciate it when I am perfectly fit and healthy.  I conceived easily and naturally, my body knows I'm able to cope with another pregnancy and I trust my body far more than I do any doctor.

If I continue to feel fit and well then I will refuse any offer of 'help'.  I will listen to my instincts and trust my body to do what it has already done so well many times before.

I spoke all about this and more on my channel which you are welcome to watch.

Do you think pregnancy should be treated as an illness?  Do you think doctors should encourage unwanted medical intervention upon fit and healthy individuals?  

Much love,