Monday cleaning routine

We have 9 people living in a small house so I find the only way I can keep on top of the tidiness and cleanliness of the house is to have different tasks dedicated to different days.  So on Mondays I concentrate on cleaning and tidying the downstairs of the house.  I think after the chaos of everybody being home for the weekend this is the most logical way to begin a new week.

Tidy up, dust, steam mop

The way I begin is to pick everything up and put everything back where it belongs, put all the shoes that are strewn down the hallway back in the shoe cupboard, put all the toys back in the children's toy boxes etc.  After that's done I give all surfaces a quick dust with a damp cloth.  

To clean the oak flooring I get the trusty old steam mop out.  I love using my steam mop, it just makes me feel satisfied knowing that all the germs are gone without the use of any harsh chemicals, I like to put a few drops of a nice smelling oil in my steam mop each time I put more water in. This time I used a lavender oil, not only is it relaxing but it's also a lovely scent and helps relieve headaches.

Clean downstairs bathroom

Technically this isn't a bathroom as it doesn't have a bath in it but you know what I mean.  I clean the sink and loo.  Cleaning the loo is always my least favourite part of cleaning, the time where I'm always wishing I had a cleaner.  Oh well, just grin and bare it eh!


Well when you have a large family, doing the laundry is obviously a never ending task!  To make it less of an issue I just like to do at least a couple of loads a day, that way it stops a mountain of laundry emerging.

Maintenance cleaning

Lastly I just look around and see what extra things need doing, some weeks it's washing the windows, other weeks it's deep cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the oven, washing the sofa covers and so on.  This week I noticed the doors and door frames were looking a bit grubby so I gave those a clean and I also noticed that the hallway walls and skirting boards were grubby so those had a clean too.  Many years ago when I painted the hallway I used a Farrow and Ball modern emulsion paint, it was more expensive than most paints but it was worth it because it cleans up so well but doesn't look at all shiny like some of the cheaper washable paints.  It's been 7 years since I painted and I'd really like to redecorate soon, it feels like time for a change.

Do you have a cleaning routine?  What's your least favourite cleaning task?  Have you ever had/do you have a cleaner?

Much love,