Cult Beauty Unboxing || Beauty Haul

A few days ago I received my first ever delivery from Cult Beauty, there were a few products I'd run out of and I thought it was high time I tried some new products.  My skin has been so dry this pregnancy so I wanted to try some things that would help combat that.

J.One Jelly Pack

The first thing I ordered was J.One Jelly Pack, I'd heard that this was a moisturiser and primer in one, designed especially for very dry skin.  It also promised to minimise the size of pores, tighten skin and produce more glowy-looking skin.  I discovered that this product was developed by Korean award-winning actress Ha Ji-Won which is funny because the latest series I've been watching, called White Nights, is one that she stars in.

First Impressions

J.One Jelly pack is completely different from anything I've ever tried before.  It is clear, has no scent and just has the weirdest texture.  When you apply it it isn't very smooth, it's really quite tacky. You have to smear it on quickly and then kind of pat it into the skin.  It doesn't feel anything like a moisturiser.  

It immediately made my skin look different, it looked more fresh, bright, dewy and my pores did look much smaller.  I was very impressed.  Then I applied my usual makeup and it looked so much better.  It definitely didn't look as dry as it normally does and my makeup stayed put all day long.

I am now pretty much in love with this product, the texture of it is something that still feels alien to me but the results are so good.  Before I used J.One Jelly Pack my skin was flaky and peeling in patches where it was so dry but that's now all totally gone.  Next I want to try the night time Jelly Pack and see what that does.

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse Solid Oil + Cleansing Cream

My make up remover had run out, I was using a Clinique one which was okay but I wasn't overly impressed with it, I'd heard a few people raving about this Pixi cleanser and had to try it.  It's a product developed by Caroline Hirons, a skincare and beauty industry expert.

First Impressions

To use this product you use a tiny 5p sized amount of the solid oil, smear it all over the face, really massage it into the eyelashes and then I like to just keep massaging my face for a couple of minutes until all my make up really starts to melt off.  Then I get one of my facecloths wet with nice warm water and wipe the oil off my face.

The second step is to use a 5p sized amount of the cleansing cream, rub all over the face and then remove with a warm facecloth as before.  This system takes all my make up off with ease and leaves my skin beautifully clean.  What I really love about this product, other than it removing make up well, is that my skin feels so great afterwards, it doesn't have that oily residue that the Clinique make up remover leaves and it doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped of moisture like a lot of cleansers do.  This is a product I shall definitely be buying again.

As I spent over £50 at Cult Beauty I was able to choose two samples which you can hear all about in the video below as well as see the whole unboxing malarky! 

Much love,